Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation: Earn ALA Service to Veterans hours through Quilts of Valor

Do you quilt as a hobby? To relax? The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover all combat servicemembers and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor. If you can iron, cut material, piece quilt pieces together, or sew, Quilts of Valor could use your talents.

Submitted by Lynne Wild, National Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Committee Member

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Legislative: How to host a ‘Meet the Candidate’ night

As elections loom large, it might cross your mind to see where candidates stand on issues, particularly those affecting veterans, servicemembers, and their families. However, you don’t have the first idea where to begin. You’re in luck! There are step-by-step instructions on how to host your very own “Meet the Candidate” night, conveniently located on the Legislative Program page at

Submitted by Vickie Thrower, National Legislative Southern Division Chairman

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Poppy: Tips on how to get poppy information into schools

Hundreds of children across America hear the poppy story for the first time from ALA unit members who visit our nation’s schools or youth groups. When taking the Poppy Program into schools, make sure you take poppies along to distribute to children and teachers. Explain how the poppy became the memorial flower, symbolizing the sacrifices our veterans made to win our freedom. Recommend that teachers hold a program on the poppy around any patriotic holiday, so the students can better understand and appreciate the poppy that symbolizes the sacrifices made by veterans.

Submitted by Joan Reinoehl, National Poppy Eastern Division Chairman

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Junior Activities: Great news for ALA Junior members

ALA Junior members have embraced being able to attend a one-day meeting over a weekend closer to their home without missing school. The results from the five national Junior meetings held in conjunction with ALA Mission Trainings were great! There were 98 Juniors registered for the five meetings, and more than 80 percent had never attended a national meeting previously.

Submitted by Barbara Corker, National Junior Activities Vice Chairman

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Junior Activities: Why the little red poppy makes a big difference

For those of us who participated in the American Legion Auxiliary as a child, one of our first memories is probably the poppies and going into the community to distribute them to friends and neighbors. Our American Legion Auxiliary Junior Activities Program is a great opportunity to launch the poppy. First, this allows them to meet the public with a senior Auxiliary member, and second, the Junior member will have a sense of belonging to the Auxiliary and purpose for membership.

Submitted by Patty Garrett, National Junior Activities Committee Member

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Americanism: Incorrect cover sheets being used

Department chairmen: Please help us get the word out to all incoming 2016-2017 unit Americanism chairmen regarding the ALA Americanism Essay Contest cover sheet.

Submitted by Brenda Collins, National Americanism Chairman

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Americanism: Recognizing all patriotic holidays

As ALA members, we should be leaders in our communities in recognizing or observing our patriotic holidays and especially those that honor veterans and the military. By planning or participating in observances in our post homes or communities, our message of who we are, what we do and why we matter” can be emphasized and demonstrated throughout the year.

Submitted by Janice Macleod, National Americanism Southern Division Chairman

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Community Service: Ideas for your next ALA outreach event

Do you have American Legion Auxiliary activities planned for Flag Day, Father’s Day, and Independence Day? No? Let us help you with these wonderful ideas to get you started for this year and next.

Submitted by Brenda Smith, National Community Service Southern Division Chairman

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Education: Post 9/11 GI Bill assisting returning veterans

Anytime is the right time to educate returning veterans about the Post 9/11 GI Bill. Your American Legion Auxiliary unit could be the driving force that helps a veteran discover what educational opportunities are available to them.

Submitted by Susie Bozella, National Education Northwest Division Chairman

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Auxiliary Emergency Fund: Recognize donors with special ALA lapel pin, citation

The Auxiliary Emergency Fund, National President Sharon Conatser’s project, has received a significant amount of donations this year from departments, units, and members. It is awe-inspiring to see so many compassionate members helping other members in their times of financial difficulties or disaster-related struggles. Many letters of appreciation have been received at National Headquarters from grant recipients who have expressed their thankfulness for the help they received from other members. Learn how to recognize those members who give below.

Submitted by Beth McGinn, National Auxiliary Emergency Fund Chairman

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Constitution & Bylaws: resolutions vs. amendments

Have you ever considered the difference between a resolution and an amendment or wondered which should be used when? Well, get comfortable in your chair because we’re about to answer those questions.

Submitted by Martha Lee Thatcher, National Constitution & Bylaws Chairman

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Public Relations: Use an ALA Public Service Announcement

Who doesn’t like FREE? Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are a great way to get the word out about the American Legion Auxiliary in your community, and they are free to air! Follow these helpful steps and the steps in the PR Toolkit found online at, and you will have a successful PR program for your unit.

Submitted by Suzanne Knapp, National Public Relations Central Division Chairman

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