Plan of Action updates: Corrections and changes have been made to the following 2015-2016 online Plans of Action. Please visit your individual program’s Plan of Action at for the most up-to-date versions.

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  • National History (formerly known as Cavalcade of Memories)
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  • Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

Centennial Strategic Plan: Departments – Nominate a fellow member for special recognition from the national president!

Has a member in your department implemented an innovative way of identifying and selecting new leaders? If so, we want to hear about it. More…

Submitted by Mary Davis, ALA Centennial Strategic Plan Goal 3 Member and National Vice President

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation: Action steps for caregivers

The American Legion Auxiliary is looking for more than 500 Hidden Heroes as part of the Military and Veteran Caregiver Network. Could this be you? More…

Submitted by Penny Maklary, Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Committee Member

Legislative: Everyone’s responsible for monitoring issues government is tackling

Our Legislative efforts affect many aspects of our programs, not only Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, but also National Security, Education, and Americanism. Carefully look out for any legislation that has to do with anything linked to these programs. It is our responsibility to rally and support what is right for our veterans, servicemembers and their families. More…

Submitted by Sue Hembrook, National Legislative Committee Member

National Security: Help our returning heroes find employment

Are you looking for a way to help National Guardsmen, Reservists or transitioning servicemembers find a new job or return to work after a deployment? Perhaps they are just looking for a different regular or civilian job. Consider holding a job fair at your post, community center, Chamber of Commerce, school or other venue in your area. The entire American Legion Family can get involved. More…

Submitted by Peggy Tesdahl, National Security Northwestern Division Chairman

Poppy: Share a poppy, honor our veterans

As we approach Veterans Day, we think of our heroes, honoring those who are gone and celebrate the ones we have with us. Our memorial poppy is dedicated to the men and women who served our country in time of war – a reminder that they have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service. More…

Submitted by Eva Wallace, National Poppy Western Division Chairman

Children & Youth: Award standout youth with special national ALA recognition

The American Legion Auxiliary created the Youth Hero and Good Deed awards to recognize young girls and boys who demonstrate an intentionally selfless act or good deed. We tell their stories to inspire others. More…

Submitted by Eleanor Amato, National Children & Youth Southern Division Chairman

ALA Girls Nation: Getting to know your ALA Girls State Program & Operations Guide

The American Legion Auxiliary Girls State Program and Operations Guide is intended to be a comprehensive resource for all members involved in ALA Girls State. The guide provides general information about the ALA and all phases of the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program in a quick, easy, efficient one-stop shop! More…

Submitted by Jeri Brooks Greenwell, National ALA Girls Nation Vice Chairman

ALA Girls Nation: Much potential for Auxiliary membership through ALA Girls State alumnae

Our single most consistent community outreach program, American Legion Auxiliary Girls State, helps cast a wider membership net (Goal 1 of the ALA Centennial Strategic Plan) and raises awareness of our mission (Goal 5) with a population that can have a positive impact on our organization, our mission, and our nation. Our ALA Girls State programs can yield new members who have experienced firsthand the impact of an Auxiliary program. More…

Submitted by Vicky Buck, National ALA Girls Nation Committee Member

Community Service: Be prepared for your events well ahead of time

All of us are in the midst of our Veterans Day plans, Thanksgiving activities, gift shops, and Christmas merriment, but now is the time to plan ahead for what your unit will do in January to get your community onboard and involved. Working 60-90 days ahead of the event will insure a successful event with great participation and involvement. More…

Submitted by LuAnn Capazzi, National Community Service Committee Member

Education: American Legion resolution changes name of Veterans in the Classroom

Veterans in the Classroom has a new name: Veterans in Community Schools. The name change was made via American Legion resolution to better reflect the many ways American Legion Family members support our schools. More…

Submitted by Diane Rousseau, National Education Committee Member, and Susan Britton, National Education Chairman

Auxiliary Emergency Fund: Download program brochure; promote at unit meetings

Familiarize yourself and your unit members about AEF by printing out the AEF brochure and providing copies to members at meetings. Promote that AEF is a benefit of being a member of the American Legion Auxiliary. More…

Submitted by Shelley Riggs, National Auxiliary Emergency Fund Committee Member

Leadership: Learn about ALA programs, receive guidance

Many Auxiliary members hear the word “leadership” and they begin to sweat, panic and hope no one asks them to serve in a leadership role. Now is the time to stop this way of thinking or conveying to others this way is acceptable. More…

Submitted by Martha Corriher, National Leadership Chairman

Leadership: We should nurture leadership skills in our Junior members

Junior members are our organization’s future. How many times have we heard this? Lots! Developing the leadership skills of our Junior members is one way to learn more about these energetic individuals, but also learn something yourself. More…

Submitted by Michelle L. Woodburn, National Leadership Central Division Chairman

Public Relations: National website has tools to help you spread the word

Whether you’re starting a Public Relations program or looking to enhance your current one, there are many tools on the national organization’s website,, to help! More…

Submitted by Shari German, National Public Relations Vice Chairman